We support you to attract, engage and motivate the best talent with intelligent, value driven employer brand engineering.

The strongest brands attract the right audiences, engage the best talent and motivate their people to be exceptional. They drive market performance, boost company value and are essential for strategic growth.

At Frankl, we help businesses understand what they’re saying, what they’re doing and how they’re perceived. We help transform employer brands into valuable business assets that inspire employees, motivate customers, and drive economic value.

Our research-driven approach results in engaging brands that connect with audiences on an emotional level. We help you become the employer of choice.


Connecting people and the organisations they work for in meaningful ways.


Creating meaningful connections designed to forge valued relationships.


Developing employer brands that unleash the best competitive advantage, your people.

Working for each other

Being exceptional comes from authenticity and transparency with our clients. We act with purpose and integrity.


Solving problems

Obstacles are inevitable, not insurmountable. We go over, under, around or through them by embracing risk in the pursuit of answers.


Challenge and collaborate

Creative thinking is only as good as the impact it makes. We work to unearth innovation and new ways of engaging.

Constantly evolving

Always moving with the landscape. Our objectives are constantly focused on the ebb and flow of our clients needs.


Delivering results

The right outcomes are delivered through exceptional execution.


Communicating clearly

Clarity ensures understanding. We strive to keep things simple.

Win hearts.
Change minds.
Be the employer of choice.

Disconnected vs Connected EVP

A well defined and communicated EVP is entirely connected. It pulls together the stuff important to employees by communicating purpose clearly across the business, and offers a balance of pay, benefits, development, environment and culture to create an attractive, engaging package that gives employees something more than work itself to believe in.

Attract, engage and motivate former, current and future employees to accelerate growth.